“He is the best Chiropractor in town. He won’t tell you that because he is too humble. He is excellent at what he does and is a genuine healer. I highly recommend him!”

Ron R.

“About a week before my trip to Philly I threw my back out to the point where it was difficult to walk and stand straight up. This was in addition to the SI joint issue I currently have. After a few treatments with Dr. Han I was well enough to go on my trip. The trip was great and I had no major pain. I plan to continue treatments with Dr. Han on a regular basis.”
Christina U.

“Dr. Han is great and makes you feel at ease. At my previous chiropractor in San Francisco I would have to have a drink in order to relax because of all the forceful snaps and jerks. Dr. Han’s method is different. He is gentle and uses a slower more deliberate approach employing the use of the table a lot. It’s not at all scary and I definitely feel relief afterwards. He also has me sit in a chair and lifts me up which is not too bad either.”

Kaiel B.

“By far best chiropractor experience I’ve had to date. He really pays attn to detail and knows what he is doing!! I look forward to my visits because i know I’m going to feel better! Great work!”
Anna D.

“I wanted to thank you for work you did on my back 2 weeks ago on a same day call in service. I was unable to get out of bed that Saturday morning and was only able to make it too your office on crutches. After you worked on my back I was able to walk. That evening I watched my oldest son win the National Championship in college hockey at the Tampa Bay Lightnings rink just down the street, I don’t think I would have made it to game if you would have not been able to fix me up! I live in Northern Minnesota and now after a few other visits to a chiropractor I am feeling real good now.
Thanks again for all you did and for squeezing me into your schedule on that Saturday!”


“After living many years with extreme back pain and the inability to turn my head. Just a few visits with dr. Han I am just amazed by my extreme Mobility and lack of back pain. Dr. Han is amazing kind and caring. Any doesn’t mind taking time to explain to you why or what is going on with your back. All I can say is it is just awesome and I cannot thank him enough we’re getting rid of my pain! ”

“I hadn’t been to the chiro in a while and badly needed to make a visit. Dr. Han was super precise and great at explaining what was going on with my back. He took the time to adjust me and gave me pointers on how to keep my posture well. Will definitely be going back!”

Lauren W.

“I’ve only been to visit Dr. Han once. I will go back. I liked his simple straightforward approach to care, and I especially like that he does not rely on x-rays or other invasive methods. When I went to visit I was suffering from a lack of mobility in my left hip and the procedure that Dr. Han performed helped me a great deal.”

Tina G.

“What I thought was a simple crick in my neck occurring 28 Dec 16, exposed something more serious, cervical spine pain (disk degeneration). X-Rays showed cervical vertebrae disc space at the C4, C5, C 6, and C7 was extremely tight (no space) causing excruciating pain on the right side of my neck where I could not move my neck resulting in unmanageable pain in my neck, radiating pain at the right shoulder area, and down my right arm triceps area. At this point my digestive system had taken a beaten from the powerful painkillers and inflammatory pills, I was sleep deprived from pain in my neck and shoulder, could not lift my right arm, and my right arm triceps area felt like someone was stinging me repeatedly with a Taser.
I requested a Chiropractor referral from my Dr. and was informed with TRICARE it would take a few days to obtain approval for physical therapy and longer to secure an on MacDill Air Force Base Chiropractor. I immediately looked online with a focus on finding a Chiropractor at my own expense with great reviews and success in the area of neck injuries like I was experiencing and easy availability in terms of location and patient appointments.
My wife called Dr. Han while we were waiting for a copy of the X-Rays in my Doc’s. Office, Mr. Han agreed to see me immediately, “same day” with no hesitation. Mr. Han analyzed my spine, neck, shoulder, and arm with his hands. He quickly identified that I had lost the natural curve in the upper portion of my neck and that my upper spine area pointed toward the right—my bad posture, leaning my neck forward to see computer monitors for years as an IT guy in the Air Force had caught up with me.
Dr. Han began spinal decompression care involving stretching my spine with his hands and using a drop table to begin the process of loosening and relieving pressure in my neck, and shoulder, with residual pain relief in my arm. Although I still could not move my neck after the initial adjustment, I noticed something had happened because I was able to sleep that night–what a relief! I signed up for a year’s worth of adjustments which is extremely economical. Mr. Han has a convenient and on-line appointment calendar.
Current update: Physical Therapy, work outs at home, and Mr. Han’s adjustments are paying off. As of 13 Jan 16, I have lost the robotic movement in my neck. The pain in my shoulder has greatly diminished and pain in my arm is improving daily to a manageable level and I am no longer sensitive to cold air and drafts. Dr. Han’s has impressive balance with his hands and chiropractic techniques. He provides wise in-depth health tips; he humanizes chiropractic terms while communicating and sharing information with patients. As a result of the timely success I have achieved working with Mr. Han; I am compelled to give him my highest recommendation!
Update 6 June 2016: I am happy to share that my neck has recovered tremendously, evidence by my recent CAT scan which clearly displayed my neck has progressed back to normal condition compared to my initial X-Ray and MRI that showed multiple bulging herniated/degenerative disc. The neurosurgeon ordered a CAT scan because he wanted to ensure I did not have OPLL. Compounding things is I had the classic excruciating pain and weakness in my right shoulder and arm (triceps area), resulting in the neurosurgeon recommending immediate Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery on my C2,3,4,&5. The neurosurgeon was surprised with my recovery and revealed to me this does not happen to everyone, & that some people just heal. I have my strength in my right arm again and there was no OPLL to be found. Dr. Han continues to play a great role in my health driven by his skilled chiropractic adjustments my recovery has been impressive. I listen to his natural tips and advice and it paid off for me—I am pain free and happy. Again, I highly recommend Dr. Han as a vialble & natural alternative.”
Ric S.

“My regular chiropractor wasn’t open and I was in a lot of pain so I looked for another chiropractor that could take me this day. I called many. Many were also closed and many required a whole assessment for new patient with x-rays costing $100 and up for first visit. Dr. Han could take me right away and only cost me $40 for an adjustment. Dr. Han was able to detect where my spine was out using his hands, skills, and knowledge. He took his time checking my whole spine and was very gentle in adjusting putting my whole spine back in place getting me the relief I was so desperately seeking. I have been to many chiropractors and this one definitely at the top!”

Janie A.

“I am a college student nearby and in one of the athletic programs, and Dr. Han did a tremendous job on help restore my back. He not only treats you very well, but gives you tips on strengthening your back. I have recommended him to all my friends, and can’t thank him enough.”

Kansai G.

“Dr. Han has helped me so much with my back and leg pain. I have tried a lot of different things (pain management, physical therapy, steroid injections, etc.), but Dr. Han’s techniques have helped me tremendously more than anything I’ve tried. He is gentle but very effective. I am so grateful to him for relieving my pain and giving me tips on how to stay healthy. Thank you Dr. Han, you’re the best!”

Janice P.

“Professional, prompt, and effective. I appreciate Dr Han taking the time to explain things to his patients.”

Jason C.

“Been to ~10 different chiropractors over the past 15 years and Dr Han by far has been the best. Focuses on the spine and keeping it in tune. His style is perfect. Have been to some that were very aggressive and those that were not effective. Dr Han is the perfect balance. Additionally he never rushes and you always feel he really cares for your well-being.”

“Dr. Han was terrific. He fully met my needs and answered all my questions. I highly recommend his services”

R. I.

“Simply Chiropractic is operated by Dr Han who is a very knowledgeable and friendly chiropractor, he will work diligently on your problem areas and offer helpful advice. I have been a patient for a couple of years and have come to enjoy my maintenance visits with Dr Han.”
Warren B.
“Dr Han is professional and gentle in spirit. Highly recommend his low key approach and determined pursuit to provide his clients with excellent service. I never feel rushed or overlooked. He’s a keeper!”

Dr. Han is the best chiropractor I have gone to.
His attention to detail is amazing. I threw my back out playing golf. He adjusted all areas of my back and I as good a new. I highly recommend Dr. Han.

J. S. 

“To say Dr Han is the best chiropractor I have ever been to does not adequately capture the skill, care, and results he produces. While other chiropractors will do the standard 5minute adjustment, Dr Han will methodically find your problem areas and spend 20-30 minutes adjusting you where you feel a significant difference even from the first visit. You can tell he is passionate about his profession and cares about making sure you are improving from week to week. He is simply the best.”

“Dr. Han is wonderful. He is extremely knowledgable and takes his time explaining the issues you have. I have had 2 sessions and feel like a new man. Thank you!”

Collin P

“Walked in with an stiff neck that was causing debilitating migraines. Dr. Han explained to me where my discomfort was coming from. He was informative and even made me aware of my horrible posture. I’ve been to chiropractors before but no one as thorough and effective as Dr. Han. I will definitely be going back for more alignments!”
Stephanie H

“Just finished an awesome fishing trip that two years ago would not have been possible without Dr. Han keeping my back healthy and out of pain!!! Without him I would not be able to enjoy this passion of mine and for that I am truly thankful!!”


“Walked in with a pinch in my neck, achy back and lower back pain. Walked out feeling great. No pain since. I have invested in chiropractic care for several years. I would rate this Dr at the very top of the list.”

“Dr.Han is just magical. He can find the problem area like magic. I’ve only had 2 visits so far but know I will be a patient for a long time. I’ve gone 5 years with constant daily back pain and now I live almost pain free and know after a few more visits will be pain free. He’s so personable and patient and takes the time to explain to you what’s going on with your back and why you are hurting. Very very happy”


“I always feel 100% better after my visit! I have never felt better in my life and I can honestly say Dr. Han has made a huge difference.”

“Dr. Han has provided more relief in a few visits than the years of manipulation under the care of other chiropractors. The method he uses for adjustments is very gentle but, extremely effective. I highly recommend Dr. Han and his services.”


“I was somewhat skeptical of chiropractors in general, but I was having some shoulder/chest pain and regular doctors weren’t really helping out without charging me crazy money to run a bunch of tests. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Han, so I thought I would try him out. I have been there a little over a month now and my pain is gone. If you are considering a chiropractor and are not sure which one is good, Dr. Han worked for me, and he was affordable.”

“I’ve never in my life been to a chiropractor. On 4/17/2015 I went for my first ever experience with chiropractic care. Previously, I searched the internet for reputable Dr’s and I was recommended to other people but this time I decided to follow my gut. I Google “one day chiropractic adjustments” and stumbled upon Simply Chiropractic. Dr. Han was very informative, very educational and all the positive reviews on his site lead me to him. Upon visiting with Dr. Han, I quickly realized I was in the right place. He was super gentle and I’m saying that coming from a man that was in a military assault unit, jumping out of helicopters for a living. i left his place feeling so much better than when I walked in. I recommend Dr. Han and I will continue to use him when I need adjustments. Trust me, he is the real deal.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Han for almost a year and am so pleased with how my body functions from his care. He can read your neck and spine easily finding the stressed points (some you didn’t even know about) and melt them away. But as a yogi and runner I have tight hips and a bad knee, even things like this Dr.Han can treat. I have been adjusted since birth as my father was a chiropractor, so I know what good care feels like. You will be in good hands with Dr. Han.”

“Quite simply Dr. Han is the best doctor I’ve had. Always gets my body in working order. Would recommend him to any and all of my friends and family.”


“I highly recommend Dr Han, Dr Han has the best payment plan and he also offers an excellent service. I definitely will be going back for a maintenance. Thanks to him I feel much better and energized.”

“Dr. Han is professional and punctual – I admire these qualities in a person! He genuinely cares about your health and well being. I will definitely return for maintenance.”


“The lower back pain has decreased. Dr. Han really takes the time to work with you and make you feel much better. Great place, great customer service.”

“I’ve received routine chiropractic care since 2000 and I’m familiar with the value of as well as different approaches to this care; so, I thought I knew what the initial visit with Dr Han would be like. Boy was I wrong! I got so much more than I expected! This was not a cookie-cutter adjustment; he really tailored the adjustment to what I needed. And without an xray, he identified my scoliosis (I knew about) as well as several misalignments that I didn’t know about. Would recommend him to all.”


“Dr. Han is very different than other chiropractors I have visited. He really takes the time to figure out what’s going on with your spine and spends time making meaningful adjustments. He has been an integral part of reducing my pain and promoting healing in my low back. His adjustments, along with PT and yoga, have been a great combination to healing.”

“Dr Han is humble and meticulous in his approach. My back was in fairly poor condition and he was able to provide immediate relief. I look forward to my next visit and maintaining proper posture and alignment from now forward. I am grateful to have been referred to him.”


“As a person who has been seen by Chiropractors for the majority of my life I must say that Dr. Han is 1 of a kind. When you go in his office he always asks how you are feeling and then he actually examines your spine thoroughly with his hands to determine what is wrong. He then takes his time to adjust you instead of rushing you out like most Chiro’s do. He helped me through a back crisis and has helped me maintain comfort level in my back.”
“It’s always a great experience going to see Dr. Han. He takes his time on his treatments and his flexible schedule makes it easy schedule an appoitment. I highly recommend Dr. Han”
“Both my daughter and I have experienced great relief from pain through Dr. Han’s gentle spine adjustment. I would highly recommend visiting him for an adjustment. His prices are fair and affordable, online appts are very convenient and no X-rays either!!
We are very happy to have found him!”
“I started seeing Dr. Han a couple of months ago. I never thought my aches and pains would ever improve. Dr. Han has helped me more than I ever thought was possible. He is always ready to explain any questions I might have and to recommend certain things I need to pay attention to so that I may help myself. Dr. Han is exceptional at what he does and I am lucky to have found him.”

“Dr. Han is a skilled, patient, and truly caring chiropractor. He has great follow through and always cares about overall well being of my health and spine. I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their health and for pain management. Every week I feel better and with more energy I finally feel, after many years of trying different methodologies, that my body pain is under control.”


“Dr. Han is the first chiropractor I’ve met who cares about my health more than my money. Extremely friendly, honest and with a great attitude; always eager to work on your spine and increase the quality of your life! A very humble doctor who is an expert in his area. Dr. Han takes the time to work on every single area of your spine per visit and is by far the most affordable chiropractor. I definitely highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking chiropractic assistance. Thank you Dr. Han”


“Came to Dr. Han to get an adjustment, which I haven’t had for years. He explained everything very well and asked if I had any questions. After his examination, he was very eager to fix my issues. He was gentle and very peaceful during the entire session. Almost a Zen like experience. Very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Han to anyone. I will be back for more!”


“I always call Dr. Han “Magic Hands” because whenever I go to him and whatever problem I have, he always makes my situation better. I have been going to Dr. Han for 10 months now and I am extremely satisfied with the care that he has given me. He is very conscientious and extremely caring. Whatever problem I might have he always tries to help me and goes beyond what is expected of him. Most chriopractors I have been to (and I have been to many) will treat just one area of your back per visit. Dr. Han adjusts your neck, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine–all in one visit! He does not miss anything! Also, his financial plan is extremely affordable for individuals and the whole family. Do not hesitate; just make an appointment and give him a try!”


 “I’ve been a patient of Dr. Han’s for a couple months now, and he’s pretty awesome. He uses slight pressure to align your spine, rather than forceful movements. I also really like his payment plans. They are straightforward, and even less expensive than I was paying at another place with insurance. Highly recommend!”

“I have been seeing Dr Han for 2 months now and I feel AMAZING!! He has helped my neck mobility, eliminated the pain in my lower back and I am sleeping much better!! I HIGHLY recommend Dr Han to everyone!”


“Dr. Han is extraordinary — able to find what needs to be fixed and then gently coax it into healing with amazing results. I was very skeptical about chiropractors, but Dr. Han’s approach is pure chiropractic — no gimmicks, no profit motivation, no quick-fixes. It’s a healing process that truly works. Highly recommended!”


“I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dr. Han on a google search after being dissatisfied with a previous chiropractor. I intially went to Dr. Han for upper back and neck pain which he was able to treat. Dr. Han provided me with excellent care as well as affordable treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Han for his excellent care and his affordability, and results. Once again thank you Dr. Han.”


“I have been seeing a chiropractor ever since I was 5 years old. I just moved to Tampa for college and didn’t think about seeing a chiropractor while I was here. One day I woke up and I felt a mild pain in my neck that I ignored for about three days. On the third day, I was in excruciating pain. I could not study, I couldn’t focus on anything, I couldn’t even talk to someone without rubbing my neck. It got to the point where I had to find a Chiropractor immediately. So I chose Dr. Han due to location proximity to my campus. I went to see him and the office was very professional looking with free tea to make while waiting. It was a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere. When I went for my adjustment, I had a great deal of subluxations in my neck and back. Sometimes Chiropractors make one major adjustment and let the rest of the spine fall into place. However, Dr. Han made sure to correct every little subluxation until my spine was straight and healthy. After he adjusted me I had a wider range of motion in my neck and no pain! It’s been a week since my adjustment and I am already feeling 100X better. I will be sure to go back often to stay healthy.”


“I can’t say enough about Dr. Han. He is a Doctor truly committed to his patients, really knows what he is doing and really cares. My only regret is that it took me so long to find him. I have suffered from sciatica and neck pain and is incredible how much better I am doing do to his treatments. I always leave his office feeling good and positive. If you suffer from pain in your daily live you owe it to yourself to go see Dr. Han because I guarantee he will make you feel better. You will never find a chiropractor as good as him that will go that extra mile for your needs. And by the way the fee for his services just doesn’t get any better and it is really easy to see him when you need him.”


“Before seeing Dr. Han, I was very skeptical of chiropractor’s.  I know they have helped my friends in the past however, I still didn’t believe in them.  Unfortunately I had mis-aligned my back and it got so bad that I could no longer run I was in so much pain.  A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Han who had helped him in the past and he had nothing but great things to say about him.  I went to see Dr. Han and he explained to me the process and how he aligns your back and how it affects the entire body.  I saw him for a week and to my amazement I am back 100%. Not only did he help my lower back and hip but also my neck has much more mobility than before.  I now understand the process and how important it is to be fully aligned and how simple things can put you out of alignment.  Dr. Han was very gentle, kind, knowledgeable, affordable and made you feel comfortable.  If ever I need a Chiropractor again I am definitely going back to Dr. Han.  I also have referred him to several friends who felt the same way I did about Chiropractor’s.  I highly recommend Dr. Han if you want an affordable, knowledgeable, gentle Chiropractor who gets the job done with amazing results!”


“My experience with Dr. Han began after I “threw my back out” like many other middle aged individuals.  I suffered for four weeks by resting and going back to work and re-injuring my back (twice) until a friend gave me a recommendation to try Dr. Han.  I was unwilling to just mask my problems with muscle relaxers and pain killers and wanted to work on the root of my issues with my back.  As his business name states I was met with Simply Chiropractic and I am soooooo thankful!!!  Within four visits I was able to sit and bend without pain!!  I just figured these aches and pains and stiffness were just part of “getting older” but now realize that they were issues of mis-alignment of my spine and I have less stiffness, pain and aches then I did before I started seeing Dr. Han.  My insurance company does not cover Chiropractic but I found the Membership Program to be very good value and affordable.  Thank you again for helping my body heal itself!!!!”

“I feel fortunate to be in Dr. Han’s care. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when I share my concerns.  He offers guidance and is dedicated to educating his patients. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, and mental.  All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic care. My energy level has certainly increased. Dr. Han’s weekly adjustments have brought back many of the body functions I had lost for a long period of time.  My range of motion has greatly increased.  My lower back pain has been relieved for the most part.  If my back pain flares up Han works diligently to restore my spine alignment. Thank You Dr. Han.”


“After suffering an athletic injury from 13 years earlier, my lower spine had always been a little weak. I decided to try Dr. Han’s methodology for skeletal adjustments and have been thoroughly satisfied. By focusing only on unique problem area rather than “one size fits all” adjustments, he’s been able to greatly improve my back stability and give my muscles the relief they’ve been looking for. Dr. Han has a very gifted ability to use his hands to see things his eyes  & X-rays can’t. Dr. Han has miracle hands and his fee structure is a tremendous value compared to others in the industry. I highly recommend Simply Chiropractic.”


Brandon, FL

“In my profession I have had the opportunity to meet several chiropractors yet, I have never been a patient. However, upon hearing numerous testimonials regarding Dr. Han’s method of treatment I decided to give him a chance. Dr. Han evaluated and addressed my pinched nerve which was bothersome at least three to four times per week. His chiropractic methods actually aids the body in the self healing process. Needless to say, I have not felt the pain since. As a matter of fact, I began to notice an immediate improvement after my first visit. As a patient of Dr. Han’s Simply Chiropractic for the past thirty days its an honor and a privilege to say that I highly recommend his service without hesitation.”



“After many years of visiting different chiropractors to manage my back and neck pain I have found the one that really works! Due to my occupation and a few accidents I suffer from constant pain and Dr. Chung has worked on my neck and back, slowly but successfully. I now find myself without pain. I sleep better and have a better posture so it has helped me to feel muscle relaxed and pain free. I am very grateful for finding Dr. Chung and the Elements Wellness Center. They truly care for our well-being.”



“I came to see Dr. Han with upper back and neck pain, poor posture and muscle tension. In 4 visits I have noticed significant improvement. Dr. Han is very gentle and helps you gradually adjust. His rates are very reasonable compared to other chiropractors I’ve been and the results I’ve had with him showed much more quickly. My sleep has improved greatly since my first couple adjustments. I would highly recommend you to come get your spine checked with Dr. Han.”


“I wanted to go to a chiropractor because I had pulled or pinched something in my shoulder and it felt like it needed help to heal. I couldn’t really afford to pay $60-100 to visit an office for one time, when I was skeptical that one visit would be enough to help fix the displacement. I found Simply Chiropractic while typing into my search engine “Affordable chiropractors / Tampa.” I was really pleased by the philosophy on their cite which states that everyone should be able to afford chiropractic adjustments. The other great part about Dr. Han’s office is the flexibility of being able to pay him a walk-in visit. The wait is very short if at all. Once there, Dr. Han explained why it is important for the vertebrae to be aligned, which is so the brain can communicate properly with the body. He patiently studied and observed the placement of everything and made careful adjustments which were painless. The adjustment gave me more ability to turn my head and move my arm with immediate relief from the way it felt before. And with stretching over the next few days I felt back to normal. I really enjoyed and respect a doctor who cares about healing and provides affordable services I will recommend Dr. Han highly to everyone with injuries about neck/ back pain, and will come back as much as I can for simple adjustments. Thanks Dr. Han!”


“I was looking for a local chiropractor to maintain proper spinal alignment and found Dr. Han’s webpage on google search. I didn’t need to spend $180 on Xrays and the monthly membership price is $160. His service is awesome. Never a wait, he calls me, too. I love the membership program! If Dr. Han didn’t have it, I wouldn’t come.”


“Before seeing Dr. Han, I was somewhat skeptical of chiropractic care, having never had anyone explain it to me in a way that made sense. Dr. Han’s explanation of the practice, and his gentle assessment and adjustment of my spine has made me a believer. Dr. Han sees chiropractic care as part of a proactive, holistic approach to health, and through the experience of his consistent, gentle adjustments, I now see chiropractic care as an integral part of proactive health. I highly recommend Dr. Han for your chiropractic needs. He is personable, flexible and very affordable.”