High-heeled shoes and Posture


Some women refuse to give up their high heels.

People use orthotics for short leg, heel lift, sole lift or arch support.

High heels could work like heel lift. If you don’t need heel lift, they could cause pelvic rotation, excessive lumbar curve and anterior head carriage.

Even though they hurt the body, some people just can’t give them up because of their look. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help those women continue to wear them by restoring spinal curves and the normal flow of nerve impulse.

Simply Chiropractic to be Simply Healthy

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Why is chiropractic care so expensive?


How much do you pay for chiropractic care?

It varies and heavily depends on if you have insurance or what kind of insurance you have.

Let’s assume that your insurance covers the care and your copay is $30 per visit.

Now you wonder how many visits you need. One or a few visits would be enough?

Simply Chiropractic offers affordable plans.

Do your math.

By the way, does anyone go to a chiropractic clinic MAINLY for massage, waterbed, ultrasound, exercise or electric muscle stimulation?

Ask yourself again. It doesn’t make sense, right?

I am a chiropractor and I practice chiropractic. Period.

Simply Chiropractic to Correct Vertebral Subluxations

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I got your back!

I got your back

We often hear people saying my lawyer, my dentist, my doctor, my teacher, my personal trainer, etc.

Isn’t it a great feeling that we always have trustworthy people that support or help us?

Who is your chiropractor?

My name is Han. I’m a family chiropractor and provide affordable& convenient chiropractic care.

It would be an honor to take care of you and your family.

Simply Chiropractic to be Simply Healthy

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When things get too much

It is impossible to live without physical, mental and chemical stress.

It’s part of our lives.

Are you letting the destructive force of stress overpower you


Are you keeping your body strong to overcome this destructive force?

Chiropractic care is a great way to help the body have strong brain-body connection by removing the nerve interference.

When the body functions in harmony, the body has a better chance to heal itself and restore health. 

Simply Chiropractic to be Simply Healthy

Chiropractors are NOT bone poppers.


Some people come to my office and tell me that they are in pain but they would be fine after a few good pops.

Well, chiropractors are not bone poppers. I focus on restoring normal spinal alignments and taking pressure off the nerve system because I know helping the body’s ability to heal itself and function properly has much more value than just popping the joints.

Furthermore healing takes time and I like to work with the body little by little without enforcing the body.

Simply Chiropractic, consistent and caring chiropractic care.

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Turn your life power back on.


Last week the power went out at the city water facility and it caused improper water treatment. Many people suffered.

Just like the power outage at Tampa water plant when the nerves are interfered with, life power can’t fully reach the parts of our body causing disharmony and damage. A healthy nerve system enables all the organs in our body to function properly at their optimal level. 

My sole objective is removing nerve interference caused by spinal misalignments so the body can function like it should.

Simply Chiropractic to turn your life power back on!

I ❤ my chiropractor

I heart my chiro


I’ve noticed people love the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic, but not particularly chiropractors.

It’s all our profession’s fault but I’m here to make changes for the better. I only provide honest chiropractic service, not medical treatment, massage, physical therapy, ultrasound, etc.

I love chiropractic and I do this to make the entire community healthier & happier, not to drain your money.

Hello! my name is Han, your favorite Tampa chiropractor.

SImply Chiropractic to be Simply Healthy!

Putting too much weight on your neck could hurt your neck.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Many people were walking around with lots of beads on their neck at Gasparilla. They carried too much weight on their neck and that could cause subluxations.

Any weight that overpowers your spine’s capability can possibly affect on spinal alignment and cause damage.

Chiropractors locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations to allow the human body to fully express its innate intelligence.

Make your spine happy, make yourself happy.

truth false Chiropractic has been advertised as auto accident, injury, workers compensation or neck& back pain.

To be honest, chiropractic is not therapeutic, pain management, medical treatment.

Chiropractic has its unique objective.

With healthy nerve system, the body has a greater ability to heal and function at higher potential.

Chiropractic is designed to make the brain-body connection stronger by removing nerve interference caused by spinal misalignments.

It works best under maintenance care with regular checkups.

At a chiropractor’s office you get your spine checked so that life signals in brain can reach the body allowing for normal and strong body function.

Make your spine happy, make yourself happy.

The importance of Maintenance

Spine curves


While most chiropractors focus on short-term pain management, I promote the importance of maintenance care for fully functioning bodies. Stress happens everyday, thus your spine is suffering from subluxations everyday. 

That’s why I highly recommend to get your spine checked regularly.

Simply Chiropractic’s mission is to help people live healthier, happier and stronger lives.

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Who wants to stay tuned?

The spine is like a guitar.

Everyone wants to have a well tuned/ aligned one however guitar strings often go out of tune after playing hard. No guitars can be perfect. We just need to keep checking.



Once you get it tuned it would sound just right! If it were not properly tuned it’s impossible to sound good.

Simply Chiropractic can help your body be ready to perform at optimal levels.



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Membership Plans could cost less than Co-Pays with your insurance

When people go to see a chiropractor, they are very concerned if their insurance covers the care.

In fact, there is copay most of time which is $35-$65 per visit. Now people worry how many times they have to see a chiropractor.

Because this situation most people stop the care as soon as the pain disappears.

At Simply Chiropractic people do not have to worry about this. Dr. Han offers fixed rate fees and you can come in as much as you want to without worrying about copay or their deductible.

I choose to practice this way because

♦ All my patients are equally important. Have you been treated differently because of health insurance coverage or no insurance?

Chiropractic should be affordable to everyone. If you can pay your cell phone bill, you can afford chiropractic care. Check our fixed rate membership programs.

Patients are the center of the care. 

I have high standard. I Strive to provide the best quality chiropractic care humanly possible not just what the insurance company is going to cover.

Stress harms the body

Everyone knows stress harms the body but not many know how.

Under stress the body turns into an alarm mode to respond quickly to its threat. It’s our body’s survival mechanism.

The heart rate and blood pressure increase, pupils dilate, blood sugar level increases, muscles tense up, and digestion & immune system shut down to focus on emergency functions.

However what if the body happened to stay in an alarm mode too long?


It’s like driving a car at 100 miles per hour for years without making a single stop. After awhile parts would begin to fall out.

We need to know how to manage stress by slowing down, taking breaks, and relaxing after going through stressful events.

Chiropractic is one great way to help the body be in a state of ease and deal with stress better.

Pressure on the nerves can cause interference with the nerve function

The weight of a quarter is enough to reduce the nerve function from 100% to 40%. This small weight interferes with the brain-body communication. Also this happens when the bones of the spine misalign and put pressure on the nerves.

Chiropractor’s goal is helping the nerve function reach to 100%. This can apply to your entire body.

Would you like to have a 100% alive body or 40%dead/ 60%alive body?

Chiropractic adjustment VS manipulation

What is the big difference between chiropractic adjustment and manipulation?

If someone tries to pop your joints, it’s pure manipulation. Some people can make their joints “pop” by twisting and turning their spine, this is certainly not a chiropractic adjustment. Anyone can do that at their own risk. The spine is consisted of many joints and its function is to protect nerves and give mobility & stability at the same time.

Adjustment is not do-it-yourself at home project. Adjustment is chiropractor’s expertise and its intention is to restore normal spinal alignments, give structural stability and remove pressure on nerves. Dr. Han always uses gentle force and take enough time to work with the body instead of enforcing it to pop.

Vertebral Subluxation and Termites

“Chiropractors call vertebral subluxations “silent killers” because most people have them, but do not always feel any pain at all from the massive damage they can cause. Just as termites may eat at the foundation of a home for years while its occupants are totally unaware, in the same way vertebral subluxations may slowly eat away at the foundation of a person’s health for years without his or her awareness. All the while, resistance to disease in lowering and general health or ability to adapt to the environment is decreasing. By the time any symptoms of disease occur, damage may have been accumulating for years. This is why chiropractors stress the importance of periodic spinal checkups throughout life for children and adults as one very important means of restoring and maintaining health.

Great analogy by Dr. John V. Whaley, D.C.

Chiropractic and Strong Teamwork

In general 100 instruments makes a full orchestra. A conductor is to inspire and lead musicians into delivering creative and harmonious performances. What if any musician is unable to perform well? Broken harmony!

Just like an orchestra our body consists of about 100 trillion cells and the brain and nerve regulates every function of our body also it relies on teamwork to carry out life functions.

Would you like to work with healthy employees or wimpy employees? Healthy staff members are less likely to miss work and are capable of performing tasks more efficiently. Chiropractic helps the entire body work together harmoniously and can help your employees or coworkers stay healthy& happy and increase productivity. 

Simply Chiropractic for Strong Teamwork

Simply Chiropractic offers Family Plans

Three weeks ago Mr. D came to my office. He has a physically demanding job at work. His entire body was in pain. I started to check his spine and after a few visits his body began to improve. Now He sleeps better, his muscles are relaxed, range of motion is increased, has more energy, performs better at work. Simply his body is in a state of ease.

He understands that I check his spine for a better functioning body, not for pain management. 

He signed up for a family plan and now I see his wife and daughter. They stop by my office almost everyday and they look happier and healthier.

Simply Chiropractic offers Family Plans and it is simple& quality chiropractic care for the whole family!

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Chiropractic helps improve your posture

Posture is not simply how your body stands. It’s muscle activity that encounters the action of gravity. Our body senses gravity to maintain the posture and it requires the balance of muscles. Also it needs steady contraction of muscles.

Muscles are stimulated by the brain through the motor nerve pathway and firing to sustain a smooth contraction. Structural stability (good spinal alignment) and healthy nerve flow is the foundation of good posture.

Chiropractic helps improving your posture.

Does No Pain really mean No Problem?

When we have pain we are so focused on how to remove the pain QUICKLY.

Let me ask you. Does No Pain really mean No Problem?

Evaluating your health by how much pain you have is wrong because people respond differently to pain and things can go wrong without any pain.

A poorly maintained body would cause more problems than a well maintained body. Ask yourself if you have had enough rest, eaten a good diet, exercised regularly, had a peaceful mind, and gotten your spine checked.

Before worrying about pain we should take good care of our body. Making chiropractic a Lifestyle is an excellent idea to maintain health.

Simply Chiropractic maintenance for your ONLY Body!