There are moments that makes me excited and happy.

1. When people experience the process of healing.

    Pain is a great motivation and pain brings patients to my office. However during my consultation I tell them, “I don’t treat pain or conditions.” Simply because I don’t. What I do is adjusting the spine to restore a proper alignment, taking pressure off the nerves. Then the body can heal from inside out and function like it should. Once they start to see improvements, they tell me, “you fixed it!” Then I respond, “As I said at the beginning of the care, I didn’t treat your pain or symptoms. It’s always better to have a healthy nerve system to heal& function properly. I just checked your spine and your body took care of the rest of the process.”

2. When people give me their trust and commit to the care.

    Because I can work with the body slowly yet effectively. Each visit is not a different episode of adjustment. It’s a series of adjustments.

3. When people see the value of a healthy nerve system and understand the importance of maintenance care. To these people chiropractic doesn’t mean pain management but pursuing optimal health.

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