Chosen the wrong career?


Nowadays in healthcare industry, it seems everyone is chasing medicine or they want to act like medical doctors.

People add medi-/ therapeutic- in front of whatever they do. Do they make diagnosis and treat disease as good as medical doctors?

It is like a basketball player trying the hardest to become a baseball player.

This happens when people lose their identity, objective or philosophy. Chiropractic has a different approach and different standards from medicine.

I am not a medical chiropractor or therapeutic physician. I am proud of being a chiropracTIC chiropracTOR.

Looking for an authentic, genuine and hands-on chiropractor?

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Simply Chiropractic’s intention


I saw a news report that State Farm insurance sued a physician-attorney referral company for fraud. If the company’s intention was helping people, it would be great.

But if their intention is benefiting only physicians or attorneys instead of people who need help, they would be no different than ambulance chasers.
Simply Chiropractic‘s intention is helping people improve their health and letting people know how chiropractic works.


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Simply Chiropractic Tampa

What makes Simply Chiropractic different?


These are the words that most chiropractors use to advertise their practices:

♦ Auto accident/ Injury
♦ Neck& back pain treatment
♦ Headache
♦ Chiropractic/acupuncture/massage/nutrition
♦ Chiropractic/rehab

These are the words that I use to promote my practice:

♦ Chiropractic adjustments/ Family chiropractic
Maintenance care
Better function of the body
Stronger brain- body communication
Reaching the full potential
♦ Spinal alignment& nerve health
Lifestyle chiropractic

Do you see the difference? I am a chiropractor, not anything else. I don’t treat disease or symptoms of disease.

I do my best to correct spinal misalignments for better nerve function then hope the nerves deliver all the messages from the brain to the body, and restore its normal function. The body heals from inside out and takes care of itself.
I don’t scare people by using big medical terms to make people come into my office. Instead I always empathize on the importance of maintenance care.
I’m sorry that I’m not interested in thick insurance money. To me everyone is equal regardless of their insurance coverage and I don’t treat medical conditions. My fee is very affordable and with membership plans I encourage people to visit me on a regular basis.
I thrive to provide the best chiropractic care humanly possible, nothing else.
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