Expression of Life

nerve system

The brain uses the body to express itself to move, breathe, eat, work, exercise, digest, fight against virus or bacteria, heal, etc.

The brain generates thoughts and send/ receive signals to all the cells through the nerves. When the signals are delivered 100%, the brain can control/ regulate the body properly however when the signals are weak, the body cannot function like it should.
As a chiropractor my job is to free the nerves from interference caused by misalignment of the vertebrae. After nerve interference is corrected the body can function as the brain wants.
Afterwards it’s your body’s(innate intelligence) job to take care of itself.
When the nerve interference is removed, the brain will have a better chance of healing and restoring normal function.
Chiropractic is NOT medical or therapeutic.
Chiropractic helps you reach your full potential.
Simply Chiropractic for reaching your full human potential.
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High-heeled shoes and Posture


Some women refuse to give up their high heels.

People use orthotics for short leg, heel lift, sole lift or arch support.

High heels could work like heel lift. If you don’t need heel lift, they could cause pelvic rotation, excessive lumbar curve and anterior head carriage.

Even though they hurt the body, some people just can’t give them up because of their look. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help those women continue to wear them by restoring spinal curves and the normal flow of nerve impulse.

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Why is chiropractic care so expensive?


How much do you pay for chiropractic care?

It varies and heavily depends on if you have insurance or what kind of insurance you have.

Let’s assume that your insurance covers the care and your copay is $30 per visit.

Now you wonder how many visits you need. One or a few visits would be enough?

Simply Chiropractic offers affordable plans.

Do your math.

By the way, does anyone go to a chiropractic clinic MAINLY for massage, waterbed, ultrasound, exercise or electric muscle stimulation?

Ask yourself again. It doesn’t make sense, right?

I am a chiropractor and I practice chiropractic. Period.

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