Turn your life power back on.


Last week the power went out at the city water facility and it caused improper water treatment. Many people suffered.

Just like the power outage at Tampa water plant when the nerves are interfered with, life power can’t fully reach the parts of our body causing disharmony and damage. A healthy nerve system enables all the organs in our body to function properly at their optimal level. 

My sole objective is removing nerve interference caused by spinal misalignments so the body can function like it should.

Simply Chiropractic to turn your life power back on!

I ❤ my chiropractor

I heart my chiro


I’ve noticed people love the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic, but not particularly chiropractors.

It’s all our profession’s fault but I’m here to make changes for the better. I only provide honest chiropractic service, not medical treatment, massage, physical therapy, ultrasound, etc.

I love chiropractic and I do this to make the entire community healthier & happier, not to drain your money.

Hello! my name is Han, your favorite Tampa chiropractor.

SImply Chiropractic to be Simply Healthy!