Putting too much weight on your neck could hurt your neck.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Many people were walking around with lots of beads on their neck at Gasparilla. They carried too much weight on their neck and that could cause subluxations.

Any weight that overpowers your spine’s capability can possibly affect on spinal alignment and cause damage.

Chiropractors locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations to allow the human body to fully express its innate intelligence.

Make your spine happy, make yourself happy.

truth false Chiropractic has been advertised as auto accident, injury, workers compensation or neck& back pain.

To be honest, chiropractic is not therapeutic, pain management, medical treatment.

Chiropractic has its unique objective.

With healthy nerve system, the body has a greater ability to heal and function at higher potential.

Chiropractic is designed to make the brain-body connection stronger by removing nerve interference caused by spinal misalignments.

It works best under maintenance care with regular checkups.

At a chiropractor’s office you get your spine checked so that life signals in brain can reach the body allowing for normal and strong body function.

Make your spine happy, make yourself happy.

The importance of Maintenance

Spine curves


While most chiropractors focus on short-term pain management, I promote the importance of maintenance care for fully functioning bodies. Stress happens everyday, thus your spine is suffering from subluxations everyday. 

That’s why I highly recommend to get your spine checked regularly.

Simply Chiropractic’s mission is to help people live healthier, happier and stronger lives.

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