Who wants to stay tuned?

The spine is like a guitar.

Everyone wants to have a well tuned/ aligned one however guitar strings often go out of tune after playing hard. No guitars can be perfect. We just need to keep checking.



Once you get it tuned it would sound just right! If it were not properly tuned it’s impossible to sound good.

Simply Chiropractic can help your body be ready to perform at optimal levels.



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Membership Plans could cost less than Co-Pays with your insurance

When people go to see a chiropractor, they are very concerned if their insurance covers the care.

In fact, there is copay most of time which is $35-$65 per visit. Now people worry how many times they have to see a chiropractor.

Because this situation most people stop the care as soon as the pain disappears.

At Simply Chiropractic people do not have to worry about this. Dr. Han offers fixed rate fees and you can come in as much as you want to without worrying about copay or their deductible.

I choose to practice this way because

♦ All my patients are equally important. Have you been treated differently because of health insurance coverage or no insurance?

Chiropractic should be affordable to everyone. If you can pay your cell phone bill, you can afford chiropractic care. Check our fixed rate membership programs.

Patients are the center of the care. 

I have high standard. I Strive to provide the best quality chiropractic care humanly possible not just what the insurance company is going to cover.

Stress harms the body

Everyone knows stress harms the body but not many know how.

Under stress the body turns into an alarm mode to respond quickly to its threat. It’s our body’s survival mechanism.

The heart rate and blood pressure increase, pupils dilate, blood sugar level increases, muscles tense up, and digestion & immune system shut down to focus on emergency functions.

However what if the body happened to stay in an alarm mode too long?


It’s like driving a car at 100 miles per hour for years without making a single stop. After awhile parts would begin to fall out.

We need to know how to manage stress by slowing down, taking breaks, and relaxing after going through stressful events.

Chiropractic is one great way to help the body be in a state of ease and deal with stress better.