Pressure on the nerves can cause interference with the nerve function

The weight of a quarter is enough to reduce the nerve function from 100% to 40%. This small weight interferes with the brain-body communication. Also this happens when the bones of the spine misalign and put pressure on the nerves.

Chiropractor’s goal is helping the nerve function reach to 100%. This can apply to your entire body.

Would you like to have a 100% alive body or 40%dead/ 60%alive body?

Chiropractic adjustment VS manipulation

What is the big difference between chiropractic adjustment and manipulation?

If someone tries to pop your joints, it’s pure manipulation. Some people can make their joints “pop” by twisting and turning their spine, this is certainly not a chiropractic adjustment. Anyone can do that at their own risk. The spine is consisted of many joints and its function is to protect nerves and give mobility & stability at the same time.

Adjustment is not do-it-yourself at home project. Adjustment is chiropractor’s expertise and its intention is to restore normal spinal alignments, give structural stability and remove pressure on nerves. Dr. Han always uses gentle force and take enough time to work with the body instead of enforcing it to pop.

Vertebral Subluxation and Termites

“Chiropractors call vertebral subluxations “silent killers” because most people have them, but do not always feel any pain at all from the massive damage they can cause. Just as termites may eat at the foundation of a home for years while its occupants are totally unaware, in the same way vertebral subluxations may slowly eat away at the foundation of a person’s health for years without his or her awareness. All the while, resistance to disease in lowering and general health or ability to adapt to the environment is decreasing. By the time any symptoms of disease occur, damage may have been accumulating for years. This is why chiropractors stress the importance of periodic spinal checkups throughout life for children and adults as one very important means of restoring and maintaining health.

Great analogy by Dr. John V. Whaley, D.C.

Chiropractic and Strong Teamwork

In general 100 instruments makes a full orchestra. A conductor is to inspire and lead musicians into delivering creative and harmonious performances. What if any musician is unable to perform well? Broken harmony!

Just like an orchestra our body consists of about 100 trillion cells and the brain and nerve regulates every function of our body also it relies on teamwork to carry out life functions.

Would you like to work with healthy employees or wimpy employees? Healthy staff members are less likely to miss work and are capable of performing tasks more efficiently. Chiropractic helps the entire body work together harmoniously and can help your employees or coworkers stay healthy& happy and increase productivity. 

Simply Chiropractic for Strong Teamwork