Self-Pay VS Insurance?

Simply Chiropractic offers Self-Pay program.


1. All my patients are equally important and chiropractic is for everyone. Chiropractic care should be affordable to everyone.

2. Chiropractic is health/ wellness care, not quick fix care. Chiropractic does not fit into therapeutic paradigm.

3. Dr. Han provides quality chiropractic service not just what the insurance company is going to cover.

4. Dr. Han encourages people to come in regularly.

5. Everyone is different and it takes time to study each patient’s spine. Also, it takes time to earn patients’ trust. Chiropractic works with the body, not against body. There should be no enforcement or violence. Dr. Han uses gentle/ low force adjustments and only does what patient’s body allows him to.

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Why world class athletes use chiropractic?

World class athletes use chiropractic.  Why do they use it? What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Simply because chiropractic strengthens the brain-body connection. Life in brain can reach the body allowing for normal and strong body function when the nerve interference is removed.

Chiropractic care improves agility, stability, coordination of the body and reduces the risk of injury.

Athletes use chiropractic for their long term health and maximizing performance.

Simply Chiropractic loves to help athletes reach their full potential.

The wisdom that created the body heals the body.

Your body is constantly replacing itself.

The average adult human body consists of close to 100 trillion cells. Skin cells live about 2 to 4 weeks and die. Red blood cells live about 4 months. Platelets live about 10 days, pancreas 1 year, bone cells 25 to 30 years, and about 1% of heart muscle cells are replaced every year at age 25 then that rate gradually decreases to less than half a percent per year by age 75.

Only one part of the body doesn’t get replaced, the brain and spinal cord. The brain and spinal cord are the first organ to be developed, controls and regulates the entire body. Every part of your body is replaceable except the brain and spinal cord. Do you think it might be a good idea to take care of your brain and spinal cord?

Simply Chiropractic is committed to excellence of chiropractic care and wants to make sure that the brain communicates with the body properly so the new cells are born healthy.

-In memory of Reggie Gold, true leader of chiropractic profession

Wrong input is going to cause wrong output.

The other day my car didn’t start suddenly. I was stuck in hyde park garage in South Tampa and it wasn’t pleasant. My car mechanic found out that the cam-shift sensor failed and that is why the engine didn’t start. Our body receives information from sensory nerves and responds to it. What would happen if sensory nerves dysfunction and send the wrong information to the brain? Wrong input is going to cause wrong output. The brain would give wrong signals to the body, then the body function would be altered just like my car engine didn’t start because of the sensor failure.

Simply Chiropractic helps your body function properly by removing nerve interference. Come on in, get your spine checked and enjoy better quality of life!