Welcome to Simply Chiropractic!

• Our Goals

To provide sincere and honest chiropractic care to the whole community.

To make chiropractic care affordable, so people can make it a lifestyle.

Our goal is not making diagnosis or treating symptoms / conditions but checking everyone’s spine in regular basis so that people can have better nerve supply allowing for better quality of life thanks to healthy nerve flow.

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• Why Simply Chiropractic ?
1. Committed to the Excellence of Chiropractic Care 
     Striving to provide the best quality chiropractic care humanly possible to the community.
2. Affordable Price
     Offering membership plans and family plans. Children under 17 are covered  by their parent’s plan. College student discount available. No hidden fees. Think how much your cell phone bill is and how much you value your healthy nerve system. Our fees and membership plans are affordable to everyone. Chiropractic care will be an excellent investment to your body.
3. Easy to Access
     We have open hours and open 6 days a week. By appointment, mostly same day service. Remember the more often you come in the more I can help. With a membership plan, you can come in as much as possible and I encourage people to come in everyday.
4. Convenient Location
     Our office is located at 100 South Edison Ave. Tampa, FL 33606. It is located in South Tampa close to Downtown Tampa, Hyde park, Univ. of Tampa, Bayshore and Davis Island.
5. Chiropractic for Everyone!
     No X-rays required. No Insurance needed. Just like your car insurance doesn’t pay for engine oil change, tire rotation, or wheel alignments, your health insurance doesn’t pay for health maintenance care or family care.
Chiropractic is simply designed to check your spine on a regular basis for better functioning body. Man, woman, the elderly, young people, office worker, factory worker, student, athlete, mother, father, driver, health care provider, etc., whoever wants to reach the optimal level of health come in and get your spine checked and enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care.


 Simply Chiropractic offers Self-Pay and Membership program.


1. All my patients are equally important and chiropractic is for everyone.  
     Chiropractic care should be affordable to everyone.
2. Chiropractic is health/ wellness care, not quick fix care. Chiropractic
     does not fit into therapeutic paradigm.

3. Dr. Han always does his best to provide quality chiropractic service 

     not just what the insurance company is going to cover.
4. Dr. Han encourages people to come in on a regular basis and it is
     possible with a membership planDr. Han does not charge you per visit.
    Chiropractic is longevity care and membership plan allows you to have
    unlimited visits with no additional cost. Besides, Membership Plans could
    cost less than Co-Pays with your insurance.
5. Everyone is different and it takes time to study each patient’s spine.
    Also, it takes time to earn patients’ trust. Chiropractic works with
    the body, not against body. There should be no enforcement or violence.
    Dr. Han uses gentle/ low force adjustments and only does what patient’s
    body allows him to.


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• Office Hours

Monday      : 9:30am – 7:00pm

Tuesday      : 9:30am – 7:00pm

Wednesday : 9:30am – 7:00pm

Thursday    : 9:30am – 7:00pm

Friday          : 9:30am – 7:00pm

Saturday     : 9:30am – 1:00pm